The gaming journey of an old school gamer and new retro game collector learning the ways of the Jedi

image of an angry person with the word tiggered under it

Want to play some retro games but don't want to spend a ton and deal with hooking it all up? Mini consoles might be the best solution!

image of an angry person with the word tiggered under it

The issues I have with modern video game "journalists" injecting their beliefs and politics into their work.

the YouTube logo

If you like video games and watch YouTube regularly then you have to checkout these YouTube channels!

image of a Nintendo Game Boy, Game Boy Pocket, and Game Boy Light

A deep dive into different console versions and revisions to help you decide which to get.

picture of several people gathered playing video games

Local multiplayer games are a dying breed, but there are still some good choices out there!

picture of my Legend of Zelda games and collectibles shelf

Everyone has their favorites! These are the games I've spent the most time playing.

collage of game developer and publisher logos

My thoughts on the state of AAA games in 2019 and why I don't buy into the hype any more.

Retro Game Treasure logo

An overview of my experience as a subscriber to the Retro Games Treasure service.

logo of Google's Stadia cloud based gaming service

What we now know about Google's Stadia gaming service leaves me with a mix of emotions.

image of retro games from various retro consoles in custom cases

You want to make sure your games are well protected. This is a look at how to achieve that while also making them look better on your shelves.

image of cluttered tables at a flea market

Finding good deals on retro gaming items can be tricky! This is a high-level look at how I approach things.

image of messy cables, power strips, power adapters for retro game consoles

An overview of how I keep all of my consoles connected to my 4K TV for the best picture possible on a budget.

earlier photo of Joey Gauthier's game collection, both retro games and modern games in custom cases

The story of how I came to know video games as a kid, strayed from them as a teenager, and ultimately became a passionate collector and player as an adult.